4SQR Properties

No. 309/21, 2nd Main Road Natesan Nagar,
Chennai-600092. Tamilnadu India.



1. What is the core business of 4 SQR Properties ?

Promotion of residential and commercial property is the core business of 4 SQR Properties.

2. Does 4 SQR Properties operate in any other cities other than Chennai?

No, Currently 4 SQR Properties operate only in Chennai.

3. Does 4 SQR Properties performs construction works on contracting?

Yes, 4 SQR Properties performs contracting for more than 10000 Sq.Ft. construction area.

4. Does 4 SQR Properties do selling / purchasing of land on commission basis?

No. 4 SQR Properties does not do business on commission basis.

5. Does 4 SQR Properties perform property promotions on joint ventures?

Yes, 4 SQR Properties does promotions on Joint Ventures with land owners. The share proportionate varies depending on the property location.

6. Does 4 SQR Properties accept investments on interest rate?

Yes, 4 SQR Properties accepts investments on fixed interest rates subjected to a minimum deposit of 10 lakhs with a locking period of minimum 1 year.

7. Does 4 SQR Properties share profits to investors?

Yes, 4 SQR Properties shares its profit with investors on Project basis and the minimum investment required is 1 crore.

8. Does 4 SQR Properties helps client in Pre Sales activities like getting loans and legal clearance?

Yes, 4 SQR Properties help clients in pre sales activities.